Jeju Island is located at the center of East Asia and acts as an important linkage that connects China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The island can be reached by air or cruise ship, but the fastest and most comfortable way to reach it is by air. You can check the flight times in real time with the Korean Airports Corporation’s Korea Smart Airports App. 

| Direct int'l Flight to Jeju Int'l Airport

Upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, passengers should transfer to domestic flights at Gimpo Airport, where they can take domestic flights to every destination in Korea. All visitors to the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and visa. Jeju’s visa-free access policy applies only to passengers taking direct flights to Jeju from overseas.

(※ The visa-free policy is not applicable for passengers arriving at Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo Airport.) 

| Jeju Int'l Airport → Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel (Conference Venue)

By Bus (From Jeju Int'l Airport to Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel (East))

By Taxi (From Jeju Int'l Airport to Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel)

· Fare: KRW 7,000 / Standard taxi

· Destination: Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

※ You can show the memo below to the taxi driver.