Letter of Invitation & Visa Information

Letter of Invitation & Visa Information

1. No. of VISA :

Serial No. of VISA Issuance

2. Status :

Type of Social activities or status of Foreigners while their stay in Korea

3. Period of Sojourn :

Type of Social activities or status of Foreigners while their stay in Korea

4. Entries :

VISA Types, Single-entry VISA / Double-entry VISA / Multiple-entry VISA

5. Issue Date :

VISA issuance date

6. Final Entry Date :

The Valid term of VISA / After this date, the visa is automatically rendered void

7. Issued at :

Where the VISA issued 

If you are entering the Republic of Korea from abroad to attend the EAPETEA 9, you will need a valid passport and visa issued by a Korean embassy or consulate for some countries. Please be sure to check the applicable information in advance according to the participant’s travel schedule and nationality.

Countries under Visa waiver Agreement

For accurate visa information, please visit the 'KOREA VISA PORTAL' website or ask to ‘Korean Embassy’

If you need a letter of invitation for participating in the EAPETEA 9, please email to EAPETEA 9 Secretariat (eapetea@gmail.com).

*After clicking on Korea Visa Portal, if you click on "English" at the top of the page, the language will be changed to English. 

Invitation Letter

Please send the information below to the secretariat(eapetea@gmail.com).

Korea Electronic Travel Authorization

All foreign visitors who wish to enter the Republic of Korea must obtain K-ETA permission to board aircraft and ships bound for Korea. You must apply at least 72 hours before departure by accessing the K-ETA website or mobile app (K-ETA).

*The validity period of a K-ETA is 2 years from the date of approval.

K-ETA approval does not guarantee entry to the Republic of Korea. The final determination of a traveler's entry will be made by the immigration official during entry immigration inspection.

*Applicable to: countries on the list can enter without a visa.


For other inquiries, please proceed through the Korea Electronic Travel Permit Center.

  Web: www.k-eta.go.kr → Notice → Ask US

  Tel: +82-2-2666-0463

foreign language counseling available: 9am-12pm, 1pm-6pm on weekdays